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Address Verification
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Why Verified Account
A sign of confidence ...
On HobbyClassified website , members buy, sell and trade their items in usability, but also the reliability and security. That is why it is important for you that your account is verified. It is through this that we will be able to ensure your identity and your address to other members.
No obligation...
But once you are verified, you will increase the credibility of your account, and therefore the trust and confidence will grant from other members. Indeed, they know that as a "Verified Accountr" your account is not dummy and your informations have been verified.They will see in your Ads, your username follow with this logo Membre vérifié throughout the site.
How to do it ?
Achieved in less than 2 minutes ...
Follow the instructions below providing your full postal address, You become aware of the cost , and then you confirm your request.
Validation by post ...
A verification code will be sent directly by post to the address provided. You will receive athome and you will enter the code found on the page validation for this purpose. In this way, we ensure that you have received the code and you live at the address you provided us. This is also why it is important not to use an address of type "PO Box" ... These addresses do not ensure a reliable verification of your location, our team will not accept them.
Ready to verify your address ? Do not wait, do it now. Join the other verified members , and improve them with confidence and safety on In addition, this verification will remain valid without time limit (unless you change your address).
The cost to verified an Account is $ 20.00 CDN